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Mortgage Newsletter

When we put together our first web site, Mortgage Underwriters, we had an opt in page for the newsletter.  Our intention was to send one newsletter each month.  To tell you the truth, in 5 years, we have never sent out a single newsletter or email.  We were so busy answering questions for consumers and helping loan officers, processors,  underwriters, and real estate agents find solutions to their problems we just didn't have time for a fancy newsletter.

So we have been thinking about what we could do to keep people informed and  not waste their time or ours on something that many would not even read.  We even asked some of our clients.

Industry professionals wanted to be informed about underwriting changes (that's a no brainer) but what surprised me is that they were interested in what consumers were asking about.  They felt that would help them understand their customers better and improve communication.  Not a bad thought.

Consumers were more interested in  immediate answers and options for their situations and also updates on anything that would impact them in the immediate future.

We have all that information so that part is easy.  We had trouble agreeing on the format.  Old School wants a formal newsletter, new school wants video and those of us that do all the work want something practical that won't waste anyone's time.

Sounds like a compromise is in order.  So, ... we are not going to send a beautiful html formatted newsletter.  What we are going to do is send out a simple, short, text only email that will take you less than 30 seconds to read.  It may have links to our blog if you are interested in the full topic or it may just have a link to a resource you will find helpful such as changes to underwriting guidelines, or new laws, or rate changes.

We'll try to keep it short, helpful, interesting and on topic.  Of course you can opt out at anytime.  We hate spam.  In fact, you will have to confirm your subscription before we will send anything to you.  We do not sell or share your information with anyone.

Go ahead and sign up here.




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