USDA Rural Development Mortgage Guidelines

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Mortgage Loan Limits

In reality, there is no limit to the loan amount in it's self.  However the loan amount is limited based on what the applicant qualifies for.  

Therefore the limits are controlled by income, which is controlled by the median income for the area, and debt ratios.  In my opinion this is a great thing and it should prevent people from getting into loans they cannot afford.  Yea!

100% LTV loans have always been a risk, ... but not this loan.  That's why I like it so much.  Oh, did I say that the 100% LTV is based on the APPRAISED Value, not the purchase price.

Even though this loan offers 100% LTV, No Down Payment, and no limit to the amount of seller concessions (limited only by the lender) this loan is very safe for the applicant and the lender.

This loan is not limited to first time home buyers and it is a 30 year fixed rate.  It just doesn't get any better than this.


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