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Rural Development Mortgage Interest Rates

The interest rate on this mortgage is another winning factor.  Most 100% LTV loans in the past were considered sub-prime loans with considerably higher rates.

This USDA rural development mortgage is not a sub-prime loan!

The interest rate is based on market rates.  The maximum is either one (1), the FNMA 90-day, A/A plus 60 basis points rounded to the nearest 1/4%. OR two (2), the lenders posted VA rate.

These interest rates are unbelievably low when you consider that it is a 100% loan to value mortgage with VERY flexible credit guidelines.

Don't be fooled by the fact that it is a rural development mortgage.  Yes, the property must be in an approved location but that doesn't mean the boon docks!

If I were a buyer with a median income I would go to the Rural Development site and find out what areas are approved for this loan and find a home in that location.  You would be surprised at what you will find.  There is a link to their site on our property eligibility page.

Before you go there, read about all the other benefits of this loan on our site.


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