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About Us

In 2002 we created our first underwriting website to educate the consumer about Mortgage Underwriting Guidelines.  It was a great success.

What surprised us though was that at least 50 % of the questions we were getting from website visitors were sent by people in the industry:  Loan Officers, Processors, Underwriters, and Agents. 

We then created a website to help the For Sale By Owner.  The site has good information and provides the FSBO with a free place to list their home.

In February of 2008 we created two more sites. One site is about FHA guidelines for the consumer and the other one is a  FHA mortgage underwriting website in much more detail focused toward Mortgage Professionals.

In July of 2008 we went to a mortgage training program hosted by Rural Housing (USDA Rural Development) where we learned of a mortgage program that in many ways is better than FHA.  That is why we built this web site.

I really believe that if Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Professionals or even FSBOs really understood this program it would benefit them a great deal.  The Rural Housing Guarantee Program has built in factors to prevent people from buying more home then they can afford.  It has many benefits that really serve our communities.

We are not associated with Rural Development. We are trying to get the word out to consumers and mortgage professionals so everyone can use this program.  We will always need a 100% LTV mortgage with set controls.  Rural development's main web site is here:

On the USDA web site you can locate the nearest office to your location and you can see the actual income charts that are based on each counties median income

We hope this site helps you.  Send us your questions and remember we don't sell or share your information with anyone.  Email

Good Luck,

Kale Enterprise
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